I really admire bloggers who can open their hearts to the world (you know who you are), but I just can't do it myself. I know some of the many reasons behind why you do it, but I'm too private. Every time I try to post something really personal it gets indefinitely stuck in my drafts folder.

In person? Not so much. But then I know who I'm talking to 'in person'.

...and yet I'm supposed to be a technology-embracing-internet-friendly geek?! I suppose I am. I'm not really sure any more.

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  1. Like I say I don't do it often...! What I quite like are the kinds of bloggers who, like Flix, manage to talk about their feelings and emotions in general without in any way giving the game away. I try to do that where I can, or I skirt around my feelings by talking about emotions in as general terms as I can manage and hope that people do or don't read into it as much as I want them to, and that's enough for me.

    I think perhaps it's because I'm not so techy that I forget that literally everyone can read it, and assume that it's just the people who comment that also read my blog. Furthermore I only care about what a pretty small smattering of people actually think about me - I am happy to be perfectly honest with most of my friends, especially those who I know read my blog; there are strangers I'm sure who read my blog (which is, I suppose, kind of weird-feeling to me), and I'm also reasonably well aware which of my friends do or don't read my blog, which allows me to censor what I say accordingly. And yes, when I am baldly honest on my blog, it feels bloody weird. Why do you think Cloudlife started off being anonymous? It was OK because people very gradually discovered it, so I could deal with gradually coming out of the closet in bits, as it were (that's a bit grisly...) which was easier than just coming out and saying, yes, this is me, before everyone already knew.

    It's also worth pointing out that it is very very liberating to be that honest once in a while. In an odd kind of way. Not in an attention-seeking way, really, just in a, well, there you go, this is me, take it or leave it kind of a way.

    That wasn't particularly grammatical. And was in fact longer than your original post. Sorry...!

  2. Now you understand why my blog is mostly technical, funny or stupid (so stupid then...). I don't mind opening up and have little trouble these days being honest with myself or my friends about how I'm doing in life, but not online - I've sometimes wanted to and I have a few things stuck on my hdd too. There they shall remain. I see nothing wrong with that at all.

    I much prefer human contact. The internet does this sort of thing no justice. Nor do I care for some complete stranger reading through my personal life. If they want that kind of trust they have to give something to get it.

  3. Ugh. It's an odd route to go down, pouring your feelings out on the internet. I'm having to train myself to do it less - I used to (and still sporadically do) keep a diary and I keep having to remind myself that a diary and a blog are by no means the same thing. It has nothing to do with being technology-embracing. I'm a technophobe (ask my housemates - I'm about as good at it as the average grandma).

    If you're happy with it, we're happy with it, and if we're not, there's not a lot we can do, it's your blog. Otherwise there's always the possibility of a drafts binge...

    Also I agree with Antony.

  4. I agree with Antony's second comment definitely - your blog always interests me and I love reading it (being an inveterate procrastinator I would love it if you wrote more often, more of the same kinds of things, please, but that's my only complaint!) but I don't necessarily feel that talking about what's happening in my life and how I feel about it requires any trust in my readers whatsoever. And if saying whatever I want to say requires that I do trust my readers in some sense then I don't say it, not on my blog - I only talk about common experiences, effectively - the latest example obviously being the end of my relationship with P (in its current form) and my perfectly understandable and normal reaction to that, which is roughly the same as how anyone else would react (but *obviously* better-written ).

    Hmm. Sorry, it appears that I will defend to the death my right to say what I like on my blog without seeming like a whiny emo kid (and without thinking for a second that there could possibly be one person in the whole world who might possibly think that). Oh, and while we're on the topic of Jenny's CrazyMad Insecurities, I'll just say it: I'm not stupid. Just so you know...

    Jenny Rivers Mohan: Massive Paranoia.

    Oh, yeah, and drafts. They're the modern diary, or so I'm told. I keep a proper diary instead.

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