My research, described using only the ten-hundred most common English words:

Computers were made to work, and not be safe against people who want to break into them. Bad people started to find they could make money and have fun by breaking into computers, so good people had to start thinking about how to stop bad people breaking into them.

By this point, a lot of very important computers were out there, with nothing to stop people breaking into them. So we are trying to fix that. Turns out, it's easier to make stuff that stops people breaking into them when you think about it from the start, rather than trying to do it after the computer's been made.

At the moment, if a bad person breaks into one small bit of your computer, a lot of the time, they can do anything they want in the rest of your computer. This is bad. What I'm trying to do is make parts of computers (and the way these parts talk to each other) that don't completely break when just one bit gets broken into.

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